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5d/6N Live like local indian. Airways included . Live exclusively like locals - Palwal, India

About This Tour

Duration: 5 days
Location: Palwal, India
Product Code: 183020P1

Activity Details

Travel like local people and discover India more deeply. We treat you like family member not like customer. This package is unique without any additional charges. We assured that you are more satisfied and happy then you think.We are the only one who deliver you 1 day stay in typical Indian home and a chance to live like the way of Indian. If you have interest in cooking then try some dishes with Indian spices. Guitar and laptop is also available at home for movies and entertainment. We travel in Indian streets with amazing environment and spicy and crunchy street food..
We deliver you free wifi all across the trip so you can easily connect you friends and family members .
Boat riding & Sight seeing are also included
Minor things like food, timing or extra travelling destinations are happily adjusted to some extent with no additional charges according to your comfort
Packs your bags and ready for discover new world at lowest price.
We will meet you soon
Take Care

Choose your starting point as you are comfortable, we welcome you with traditional style like never before. Wifi is free all across the trip so you can connect with your friends and family member by video call free and easily. This package Uniquely provide you experience like family member and travel as local member. We fully take care of your comfort.

If you choose Varanasi Airpot as starting point then
we spend 2 days in Varanasi {Kashi}. Seeing the special Aarti and boat ridind feel you fully romantic and exciting. We travel the city with local rides like 2 or 3 wheelers which allows to discover this country more deeply. AND then ready TO STAY AT Home for 1 night stay,. There you feel like family member you have the chance to live 1 day like normal Indian, cook food if you want,if you have interest of cooking the kitchen is yours if you want to play Guitar this also available if you want to watch ovie laptop is available at home. We just provide you home like experience. on next mornig we go for morning walk in park and get ready for Mathura and Agra {Taz Mahal}. 2 day trip

If you choose Indra ghandi international airpot , Delhi
Warm indian style welcome
1. Home for 1 day
2. Mathura and Agra for 2 days
3. Kashi {varanasi} for 2 days
Tasks are same as mention in above starting point

If you choose Agra Airpot
Warm Indian traditional welcome
1. Agra and Mathura
2. Home [Palwal] for 1 day
3. Kashi for 2 days
Tasks are same as mention in above starting point

Ending point are according to your choice, if you want same as starting point of different it is Happily ok
The first priority is your comfort
only in this package you are your own Boss we just fullfill your demands Happily
This package is cheap and allows to discover the India like never discovered before
And remember minor things are change according to your comfort you are not our customers you are our friends
We will meet soon

Type of Activity

Multi-day & Extended Tours > Multi-day Tours >

Type of Booking

Confirmation from supplier in 12-48 hours of booking.

Voucher Option For This Activity

The local operator accepts both printed and electronic vouchers (e-vouchers). If you travel with a mobile device, simply show your Photo ID and present your e-voucher on your Smartphone or tablet on the day of travel.

Local Operator Information: Complete operator information including local telephone numbers at your destination, are included in your Confirmation Voucher.

Product Managers select only the most experienced and relible operators in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind